Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship Ministry impacts the congregational and personal lives of our membership by promoting and encouraging each member’s skills and resources to further the Church’s Mission and Vision.
The Ministry promotes and encourages a scriptural use of time, talents and treasures that will result in solid and growing support for the Mission of our congregation.
Ministry responsibilities include:
   - Organize and conduct the Annual Pledge Drives
   - Organize Capital and other special funds Appeals.
   - Arrange Special Door Offerings.
   - Distribute and collect Time & Talent forms.
   - Administer 'gift giving' programs: Offering Envelopes, "Give Now" secure tithing,
   "Thrivent Choice Dollars," "Amazon SMILE," "ELCA Lutheran Disaster"
      and our newest initiative, "Shop with Scrip" (Scrip Order Form)
   - Communicate through “temple talks”, mailings, newsletters etc., as needed to
     educate and build awareness of Stewardship opportunities.
   - Provide Stewardship education for Faith Formation, New Members and
     all members, as to what it means to be good Christian Stewards.
   - Promote efforts to be good stewards of our Earth and resources.
   - Review with the Pastors and Congregation on an annual basis, stewardship initiatives.

The Ministry reports to the Congregational Council.  We maintain a close relationship with the Council Treasurer, providing that ministry up-to-date information of gifting and pledging to help the budgeting process. Close relationships are also maintained with the church Financial Administrator, Spiritual Gifts Coordinator, the office staff and the Pastors.
Those with spiritual gifts that emphasize giving, administration, teaching, writing, and exhortation are encouraged to join Stewardship Ministry. Members serve two year terms, and can serve up to 3 terms consecutively. Meetings are held on average monthly; less frequently in beginning of year, more frequently in fall and year end.

Historically at Prince of Peace, Annual Stewardship Campaigns have been led by the Stewardship Ministry for many years, securing commitments from congregation members for the following year. Also, a regular, repeating, capital appeals campaign has been done every three years since 1998, to garner contributions to the Building Fund. The capital appeals campaign has been led either by an outside consulting firm or from a leader from the Church, approved by the Congregational Council, upon recommendation of the Stewardship Ministry. The capital appeals campaign garners commitments from the congregation for funding the Building Fund for the following three years.