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MY 2022 INTENT CARD (Online)

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In response to God's grace and love in Jesus Christ, I/we intend to give the offerings and gifts indicated below during 2022, in support of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church's on-going ministry and the "Under Our Roof & Beyond Our Walls" Appeal.

I/we understand that this may be changed if needed, by notifying the church finance administrator. (Please note that the Property Maintenance Fund is now incorporated into the "Under Our Roof & Beyond Our Walls" Appeal for 2021 thru 2024).

Please complete all information. (If you do not know your envelope number, leave blank.) To receive a copy of your completed form, include your email at the bottom where shown, and it will be sent to you for your records. If you submit this electronic form, you do NOT need to return your "My 2022 Intent Card." If you have any questions please contact Ruth Nelson, PoP Finance Manager, at 920/739-5255, ext 103 or email her at Thank you for your commitment to Prince of Peace!

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Please note: if you pledged to the Under Our Roof /Beyond Our Walls last year, thank you for your generosity, but please do NOT pledge again. Thank you!

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Note: The "Under Our Roof & Beyond Our Walls" Annual Gift Will be Multiplied by 3 Years

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