Our mission is to serve God by providing opportunities for an active and spiritually meaningful worship life for all members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. THIS IS NO SMALL TASK!
Ministry members, in addition to the music staff, accept different areas of responsibility and seek to involve all parish members with spiritual gifts in the following areas:
Assisting Ministers   
(lay persons who read scripture and assist with communion during  worship)   
Communion Setup and Clean up
(prepares communion by placing the elements on the altar before worship or clean up after worship)

Communion Servers 
(provide additonal assistance, when needed, with serving communion)      
Communion Visitors
(bring communion to the home-bound members)     
Flowers & Decorations 
(organize the ordering and arranging of floral displays for seasons & festival Sundays)
Ushers - Go to 
(hand out bulletins, collect offering, assist with seating - 2 scheduled for each Sunday morning service)
Candles & Paraments 
(change candles & paraments as needed on a weekly basis - team of 6)

Although not directly planned by this ministry, music continues to be a fundamental part of our worship experience here at Prince of Peace. WHAT GIFT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO YOU THAT YOU MIGHT BRING GOD HONOR AND PRAISE? Our staff musicians would be thrilled to help you find your niche. Vocal and instrumental opportunities abound with either short-term or seasonal commitments. The following details choirs and their leaders:
     Colleen Perrine - Associate Music Coordinator
        Pop Rox Band  and  Blue Grass group
                  Sondra Joten - Organist & Coordinator of Worship Resources
                     Soli Deo Handbell Choir  and   Peace Ringers Handbell Choir    
                  Position Open - Canticle Choir Director  (contact Church Personnel if interested)

MUSIC SCHEDULE MONTHLY CALENDARS:  September    October    November   December

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