SUNDAY MORNINGS @ 8:00, 9:20* and 10:45 am.
 *Faith Formation for Pre-K to 5th grade occurs during 9:20 service.

 - Advent Italian Suppers @ 5:15 pm 
(Nov. 28, Dec. 5, 12 & 19)
 - Advent Worship @ 6:15 pm (Nov. 28, Dec. 5, 12 & 19**) ** Healing Service
 - Tyranny of the Urgent Discussion/Prayer Small Groups @ 7:00 pm (Nov. 28, Dec. 5 & 12; see video below)
 - Confirmation @ 7:00 pm

(Sunday, December 23 - 8:00 & 9:45 am only!)
Christmas Eve (Monday, December 24) - 10:30* am, 2:00*, 4:30* & 8:00 pm 
(*Nursery care provided)
Christmas Day (Tuesday, December 25) & New Years Day (Tuesday, January 1, 2019) - Office/Church Closed
Limited Church/Office Hours: Dec. 26 - 29, & 31st, 8:00 - 11:30 a.m.

"Tyranny of the Urgent"
All are welcome to participate - reflect, pray & share a break during the busyness of life!

"Our world is a crazy, busy place, and we are constantly barraged by things demanding our attention... And, if anything, the pace of life seems even more frantic during the holidays. Jesus offers us a radically different way to live. Heeding God’s call means slowing down, listening, and not being overwhelmed by the ‘tyranny of urgent’ things in life. God wants us to remember what is centrally important, and God is ready and willing to teach us how to honor these most important things...."        excerpt by Megan Shober; “What If” ministry member
  During this Advent season, our Adult Ed. ministry has prepared a three week open discussion/ prayer group opportunity at 7 pm (after Wednesday’s worship services; at same time as Confirmation) for any and all to participate in using the "Tyranny of the Urgent" (TOTU), a pocket-sized, quick-read booklet addressing how we can discern what is urgent and what is important during this busy and hectic time in our lives.
  At each session we’ll read from TOTU and a specially created Advent devotional; reflecting, praying and sharing about how we set priorities and what God teaches us about doing so. Both the "Tyranny of the Urgent" and Advent Devotional 2018 are FREE (available in the Narthex; small blue devotional with black booklet inserted inside). Please take them home to review, ponder and pray with...then bring them along for small group discussions on one or all of the following evenings:
•  November 28th - What’s Urgent versus Important?
•  December 5th - Prayerful Waiting.
•  December 12th - Achieving Peace as we do  God’s Work.
 As we await the birth of our Savior and Lord, please use this opportunity, hopefully gathering with others as you are able, to find joy and encouragement as we go about the busyness of life!


Worship with Holy Communion

Dec 16, 8:00 am

Worship with Holy Communion

Dec 16, 9:20 am

Worship with Holy Communion

Dec 16, 10:45 am

Advent Worship Service

Dec 19, 6:15 pm

Worship with Holy Communion

Dec 23, 8:00 am

Located adjacent to Appleton East High School

2330 E. Calumet Street
Appleton, WI   54915
t. 920.739.5255
f. 920.831.2973


Office Hours:
8am - 4pm M-Th; 8am - 3pm Fr

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"MISSIONAL MINISTRIES" spreaker: Greg Knudson, Council President (10/14)

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