Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship Ministry impacts the congregational and personal lives of our membership by promoting and encouraging each member’s skills and resources to further the Church’s Mission and Vision. The Ministry promotes and encourages a scriptural use of time, talents and treasures that will result in solid and growing support of transforming lives in our community through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Those with spiritual gifts that emphasize giving, administration, teaching, writing, and exhortation are encouraged to join Stewardship Ministry. Members serve two year terms, and can serve up to 3 terms consecutively. Meetings are held on average monthly; less frequently in beginning of year, more frequently in fall and year end.

View our 2021 "Generous/Under our Roof & Beyond our Walls" campaign video by clicking the button above! Watch and listen as various members of our congregation and the Pastors share our ministry's vision at Prince of Peace. And view the 2022 Stewardship Campaign below, "Building a Culture of Generosity."

Building a Culture of Generosity

Thank you for helping to "build a culture of generosity" here at Prince of Peace! This fall, we asked you to prayerfully consider how you could grow in your giving to our church — through your time, talents, and treasures. Thank you for rising to the occasion to help us fulfill the ministry of Jesus Christ, both here and out in the world. Enjoy this photo montage video, played during worship this past Sunday, which shows just some of the ways we are living out our mission, to "grow in faith and reach out in love."

This is the stewardship theme for our fall appeal, which began on Sunday, September 25. Over the course of 5 weeks, you will hear, through the Sunday morning sermons and temple talks, about God’s generosity to us and our response to that generosity. You will receive weekly messages about our call to give generously and you will be asked to write about your own story of generosity.

Click to read the Stewardship letter and stories of generosity from Prince of Peace members, which you should have received in the mail the week of September 19.

Please also be sure to check out our stewardship display in the Narthex this Sunday and throughout the month of October.

Online Intent Card and Time & Talent Brochure Now Available!

Members were recently mailed their 2023 Intent Card and Time & Talent Brochure. If you are unable to attend worship on October 23 or October 30, please fill out and submit the online Intent Card form.


Please plan to fill out and bring your Intent Card, Electronic Giving Authorization Form and Time & Talent Brochure to church on Oct. 23 or Oct. 30. Together during worship on those Sundays, we will affirm our intentions at Prince of Peace for 2023. Following worship on Sunday, Oct. 30, Celebration Sunday (and Reformation Sunday), we will have a reception in celebration of the generosity of our congregation!

Let us continue to grow in generosity!


1st Appeal Sunday | September 25, 2022
Generosity Story #1  |  Generosity Story Questions

2nd Appeal Sunday | October 2, 2022
Generosity Story #2  |  Generosity Story Questions  Temple Talk #1

3rd Appeal Sunday | October 9, 2022
Generosity Story #3  |  Generosity Story Questions  Temple Talk #2

4th Appeal Sunday 
| October 16, 2022
Generosity Story #4  |  Generosity Story Questions  Temple Talk #3

1st Intent Sunday October 23, 2022
Generosity Story #5  |  Generosity Story Questions  Temple Talk #4

2nd Intent Sunday & Celebration 
| October 30, 2022

At the beginning of each week during the campaign, weekly Bulletin Inserts will be posted here for you to access, read and reflect on throughout your week. Click on the links each week to read personal generosity stories from members of Prince of Peace and examples of how to grow in generosity.