Faith Talks

Want to share your faith with others, but don't know where or how to start? Create a PoP "Faith Talk" video. Here's how:

The PoP Long-Range Planning team invites our congregation members to take the next step on our journey toward Vision 2024. We are asking all who are willing, to capture a 'one-minute/100 words or less' video sharing how you have walked in your Faith with our Lord and Savior here at Prince of Peace. To get started, we're asking you to use one (or a combination of) the following three questions to guide you in telling your story:
  1. Can you share how your faith has grown through your connection to Prince of Peace?
  2. How have you seen the face of Christ in those you have met through outreach in the community?
  3. Where or how do you see Jesus in your ordinary day?
Q: OK - I have a story to tell, now what do I do?
A: We're asking for stories to be digitally recorded so we can share them both internally and externally. Once you have your faith story figured out (written down or memorized), you can record it one of these two ways:
  1. Sign up at church to be recorded by a PoP member. Sign up sheets with multiple dates and times are available on the table in the narthex.
  2. Or, record your own 'selfie' video and submit it to church. (see how below!)
Q: I'm willing to do my own video - are there any guidelines/tips for recording and submitting it?
A: Yes! Please view the instructional video below - Prepared by our very own LRP member, Trevor, who shares some tips for best results. (Watch & listen to how Trevor speaks clearly and not too fast while looking directly into the camera - this presentation style is a good example of what will work when sharing your story!)
Q: So, how exactly do I submit my 'selfie' FAITH TALK?
A: Aha! First, the obligatory "disclaimer before submission":
 Note, given all the ways we wish to share the FAITH TALK videos, we ask that participants complete a basic 'video release form' granting Prince of Peace permission to share their video internally and/or externally using multi-media platforms (e.g. such as but not limited to projection, social media and/or on our website or links thereto).
You will be asked to sign a release form when you record your video at church.

If you wish to submit your video electronically, you must first complete this ONLINE RELEASE FORM in order to receive instructions on how to submit it to church. If need be, you could also bring in a thumb drive or SD card to church during office hours for us to make a copy and have you sign the release form. 

Q: This is great, what exactly is Prince of Peace going to do with all these FAITH TALK videos and when!?
A: We're glad you asked! 
 Recalling our Vision 2024 statement.."we are an engaged and inclusive congregation of disciples, transforming the lives in our community through the gospel of Jesus Christ" ...we WILL share our stories in as many ways as possible as soon as we can (once we verify we have your permission to use them - see above!)

Our hope is to engage ourselves and others within the community to connect with Christ in as many ways as the Lord leads us!  We all have stories to tell and we hope by sharing them - in worship, classes, online with the masses, or as 'personal reflection time' - as children of God we find a message(s) that speak to our hearts and call us closer to His good news!  So stay tuned for more information how when and where you'll see the videos posted soon!