Nursery Care

The Play Deck

Because the health and safety of the children is a top priority, the Nursery will remain closed while COVID transmission rates are in the “high” category in our community.

We are excited to announce that we have a new children’s space—The PlayDeck—situated at the back of the Sanctuary. We chose this name because this area sits at the “highest” point in the Sanctuary (like the deck of a ship), and the ceiling of the Sanctuary is designed to resemble the bottom of the ark (yes, really!), so we’re keeping with the theme!
Young children can engage in worship through play, with the quiet toys and books available, allowing parents to participate in the service. We ask parents to please sit in a nearby pew or be within eyesight of your child. Toys in The PlayDeck are cleaned and sanitized weekly.
The PlayDeck has already been a hit for many of our little ones, and we hope to continue to provide this space for our friends in the weeks to come!     

Families are also welcome to use the Prayerground in the Narthex just outside the Sanctuary if children need a break during the service (parental supervision needed). Extra toys are stored inside the gray bench. Prayerground toys are sanitized weekly. We also invite children to grab a worship activity bag on their way into the Sanctuary.

Thank you for your understanding!


Nursery Care
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