Loss, Healing & Hope Team

PoP Loss, Healing and Hope Grief Support is a Ministry dedicated to providing support for those living with loss.

Grief is unique to each person, and yet it is with each other that we can learn to provide a listening ear and support to grieve. When a loved one dies, you have a need for ongoing support that can help with your healing and the realization of your “new normal” without your loved one. Grief has no timeline, and your loss may be recent or in the past. A group can provide the much-needed support for you to embark on your path to healing and hope.

What is a Grief Support Group?

A grief support group provides a safe place to share feelings, memories, and concerns with others who are also grieving the death of a loved one. Participants activate their grief journey with meaningful mourning. A small group is usually made up of 3-6 people and meets with a leader/facilitator who helps to guide and companion the group. We meet for 6-8 sessions that are 90-120 minutes in length. Specific dates will be provided when the group is formed.

Companioning Model of Support for Grief Support

Each group participant receives the book Understanding Your Grief by Dr. Alan D Wolfelt and the The Understanding Your Grief Journal by Dr. Alan Wolfelt We use the readings from the book which teach us about the Ten Touchstones of Grief. Other resources are also shared as we journey together and learn how to companion each other.

The cost of the books and materials are covered by a grant through the Prince of Peace Foundation Mission Endowment Grant and Helping Hands Outreach Ministry

Please read the Loss, Healing & Hope Grief Support Groups Brochure for more information.

Please contact Nancy Scheuerman at hopeandhealing@popappleton.org if you wish to learn more about the support groups and indicate your interest in being included.

Members: Karen Adler-Fisher, Debbie DeBruin, Pastor Jennifer Denetz, Pastor Roger McQuistion, Cindy Romnek, Nancy Scheuerman, Chris Volkman