Prince of Peace offers a mid-week getaway from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. OASIS is the place where you can enjoy singing along with the band to well-loved contemporary praise music and soak in some great Bible teaching by the pastors as they instruct the Confirmation classes. A relaxed atmosphere and meditative worship is the key to the popularity of the Wednesday evening OASIS service. The OASIS band is a fun-loving group. Our focus is on helping young singers to lead worship. The adult musicians are: Tad and Kaleb Peterson, Ward Patton, Erik Larson, Joel Landsverk, and Aaron Juhl. The youth team is comprised of: Ava and Macy Peterson, Kat Landsverk, Mason Kaltenbrun, Quinn McGinnis, Kiran Lison and Karin Juhl. The band is led by Colleen Perrine. All incoming confirmands who are interested in singing/playing are strongly urged to join the OASIS crew. It is a great experience and lots of fun. Rehearsals are at 5:30 before the 6:15 service. Any adults who are interested in joining the group are also welcome. Rehearsals for the musicians are at 5:30-6:15. Service begins at 6:15 and runs until about 7. Feel free to contact Colleen Perrine with questions!
Colleen Perrine, Associate Music Director