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Our mission statement at Prince of Peace is "A family of Christians growing in faith and reaching out in love." What are you doing to grow your faith? And in this crazy pandemic, many of us are asking more profound deep soul-searching questions about life than ever before. Connections to the Cross (CTTC) Ministry believes that our Christian faith is the best answer for these soul-searching questions and has worked these past months to put a large variety of faith-growing options at your fingertips.

Current Opportunities:

Connections to the Cross Survey Results (survey from Jan/Feb 2023)

Introducing a New Series This Fall 2022: “Grow & Tell!”

Beginning September 11, Adult Education’s Connection to the Cross (CTTC) Ministry, in collaboration with the Advocacy Team of Social Concerns Ministry, will be holding education sessions entitled, “Grow and Tell: A Monthly Conversation about Options to Grow Your Faith.” The sessions will take place as follows:

  • September 11 – Solar Dedication:  Ron Jones
  • September 25 – Grow (in faith) and Tell (the story): Dean Gruner
  • October 9 – Grow (in faith) and Tell (the story): Michelle Landsverk
  • October 16 – Trip to the Holy Land Experience: Mary and Chris Volkman
  • November 13 – Bread for the World: Nancy Jones and PoP Advocacy Team
  • November 20 – Grow (in faith) and Tell (the story): Pastor Roger McQuistion
  • December 4 – Grow (in faith) and Tell (the story): Pat Henningsen


September 25 – Grow (in faith) and Tell (the story): Dean Gruner

After both the 8 am and 9:40 am services in the Congregational Life Room (CLR) on September 25, Dean Gruner will share some of his favorite devotionals, books and podcasts that have been used in his ChristCare and Men’s Groups. Come and hear what others have used and are currently using, and share what you have found most interesting and helpful in your own faith journey.

Previous Opportunities:

Introducing “Top 3 Growing in Faith Opportunities”

The following is the first set of the “Top 3 Growing in Faith Opportunities” that CTTC is currently highlighting:

1. Luther Seminary’s God Pause 2021 Advent Devotional: “Filled with Hope and Gratitude

Luther Seminary invites you to use the 2021 Advent devotional, “Filled with Hope and Gratitude” this Advent. Find it on their website or download the PDF version.

2. Lutheran Social Services Lunch & Learn: Webinar – “The ABCs of Afghan Refugee Resettlement” by LSS
Wednesday, October 27th  ·  12-1:30 PM.

To register, click on the following link: https://lsswis-org.zoom.us/j/87991548923?pwd=UWFUKzNOUTlqeFVoN1RKUWpuUDFQZz09  ·  Meeting ID: 879 9154 8923 Passcode: 918163

3. Kate Bowler’s October 4, 2021 Podcast with Philip Yancey: The Scandal of Grace Philip Yancey is well-known for his bestselling books like What’s So Amazing About Grace and Disappointment with God. But behind all of that spiritual wisdom was a family secret: his sick father left the hospital against the doctor’s advice, trusting in God to heal him. He wasn’t healed. Out of this experience, Philip has wrestled with deep questions of faith and doubt and suffering.
In today’s podcast episode, Philip and I discuss:
  • What it was like growing up in Christian fundamentalism
  • Being wounded by the church
  • The cost of unforgiveness
  • The mystery and hunger of grace

This conversation forced me to wonder about how grace works. Perhaps grace, as Philip would say, is a scandal. Because it forces us to think about a love that is unearned, undeserved, and unmerited. All we know sometimes, is that WE need it.

 So, blessed are we who live here. In this mystery… this scandal… of grace.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

The document below is a living, breathing Education Plan document that will be updated monthly or more frequently. Pick an option or two and consider inviting a friend or guest to join you. After all, there is no time like right now to start “growing our faith so we can reach out in love.” Simply click on the link below, which will take you to a Google document with a chart of all the options you can explore to grow your faith at PoP.

PoP Oct. - Dec. 2021 Education Plan (last updated 10.20.21)
~ CTTC Ministry: Michelle Landsverk, Pat Henningsen, Dean Gruner, Pastor Roger McQuistion