PoPKids Bible Time with Brigetta & Friends

With all the challenges that have come of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there have been many gifts that have emerged from it, as well. One of these gifts has been the opportunity to try things in new ways. Here at Prince of Peace, we have thoroughly enjoyed the children's sermons and PoPKids Praise Songs music videos that Brigetta, Moses and the PoPKids Family Worship Team have provided us virtually over the past almost two years. Here you will find a growing video collection of these fun and meaningful messages for our kids – and our kids at heart – to watch anytime they want!
  • "Jesus' First Miracle: Turning Water into Wine"  John 2:1-11  (1.16.22 The Children's Message for today, Sunday, January 16, 2022 – The Second Sunday after Epiphany – is based on the Gospel of John 2:1-11. Miss Brigetta mentions the many miracles that Jesus performed when He was here on Earth. One in particular, the first one he performed, was when he turned water into wine. In today's Gospel reading, Jesus, His mother, Mary, and His disciples were attending a wedding feast in Cana. Unfortunately, at this big celebration, they ran out of wine. Mary came to Jesus with this problem, trusting that He would and could help. Seeing this first miracle, of Jesus turning 6 huge jars of water into wine, helped the disciples to TRUST in Jesus. It showed that Jesus was not just an ordinary person, but that, in fact, he was the Son of God who had come to save them. And just like Mary shared her problem with Jesus, we, too, can always turn to Jesus with our problems because he cares about us, and we can always trust in Him for His love and guidance.
  • "Making Room for Jesus"  Luke 3:15-17, 21-22  (1.9.22 Miss Brigetta talks about how we are often asked to clean our bedrooms or help clean the house to make room for our guests for special occasions, such as when celebrating a baptism. Or, for Moses, when his friend, Joshua, is coming over! :) Today we celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord. In the Gospel, instead of making room in their homes for their guests, John the Baptist tells the people that there are two important people that they need to make room for  not just in their homes, but in their lives.The first guest is Jesus. The Scripture (verses 21-22) tells us that once Jesus is baptized, the second guest is the Holy Spirit of God. When Jesus is baptized, he receives God's Holy Spirit. With God's Holy Spirit in his life, Jesus goes out and shares the gifts of the Holy Sprit with others, gifts such as God's healing love, forgiveness and grace. He then invites his disciples, and us today, to follow him and shows us how to make room in our lives for God's Holy Spirit. Like Jesus, we also receive the Holy Spirit when we are baptized. And we, too, can make room in our lives for Jesus and God's Holy Spirit. When we do that, we, too, can share the gifts of God's Holy Spirit around us, just like Jesus did. We learn from Jesus' baptism how to receive God's Holy Spirit and how to share His love, healing and light with others.
  • "Just One Light" – John 1:1-18  (1.2.22 Miss Brigetta talks about how darkness and light. All it takes is just ONE, true light to drive away the darkness. In today's Gospel, we read that "the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it" (verse 5). Who is this light? JESUS! Jesus is the light that drove out the darkness in the world. He is the light that shines so bright and helps us to see the way. He brings light to our hearts and to our lives, and this light guides us to know what to do and to find our way when we're uncertain. And this light will never, ever fade – Jesus is ALWAYS with us. Such great news!
  • "My Forever Hero" – Joshua 1:5-6  (12.19.21 Miss Brigetta talks to Moses and Joshua about what a "true hero" is. In the Gospel, Jesus tells Joshua to be strong and courageous, the main character traits of a hero. A hero is also someone who is willing to sacrifice, or give something up, in order to save others from danger. And Jesus was the ultimate super hero of all time as he was willing to sacrifice his life in order to save the world from sin. Enjoy the PopKids Praise Song music video, "My Forever Hero," where PoP children members, Moses and Joshua see and experience the many "miracles of Jesus."
  • PoP All-Congregational Christmas Program retelling of "A Christmas Story Poem by Pastor Dave Trenholm(12.12.21 During the 9:40am service, we experienced the magic of the greatest story ever told during the PoP All-Congregational Christmas Program 2021! And we definitely experienced some cuteness overload, oh my goodness!! We enjoyed musical performances by members of all ages (in person and from home), the retelling of “A Christmas Story Poem” by Pastor Dave Trenholm through a pre-recorded video of our Faith Formation students narrating the poem while members of all ages acted it out, Christmas hymns signed (not to be confused with sung) by our Faith Formation students, and so much more. Please enjoy the video of the retelling of Pastor Trenholm's "A Christmas Story Poem."
  • "Prepare the Way of the Lord" – Luke 3:1-6  (12.5.21 In the Gospel, John the Baptist says to "prepare the way of the Lord." What do you think of when you think of "preparing for Christmas?" Perhaps you think of getting a Christmas tree, or decorating your house with Christmas decorations, or making special visits to family and friends. However, when John said, "prepare the way of the Lord," he was telling the Israelites to prepare for Jesus' birth–to get ready for Jesus' arrival by preparing their hearts and their minds to recognize Jesus, and to also know that Jesus was coming to offer love and forgiveness for ALL of us. We should also do that during the Season of Advent–prepare our hearts and minds for Jesus' birth, and for when he returns to us again. We can do this by confessing our sins and asking God's forgiveness, praying, reading the Bible, sharing God's love and joy with others, trusting and loving God, and putting our hope in Jesus. 
  • "For This I Was Born" – John 18:33-38  (11.21.21– Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you grow up? Moses shares with Miss Brigetta the many things he wanted to be when he grew up. Like Moses, Jesus had many interests and talents. But from the very second that he was born, Jesus had a very special purpose; a purpose that God gave him -- to be the King of Kings. Watch today's message to learn more about how, like God had a purpose for Jesus, He has a special purpose for all of us.
  • "God Never Falls Apart" – Mark 13:1-8  (11.14.21) – Miss Brigetta heads over to Moses' house for today's children's message, where they talk about how sometimes things in our lives get old and worn out and eventually fall apart. They are just "things," after all. Things don't last forever. That's why it's so important to focus and pay attention to the ONE thing that NEVER falls apart: GOD. God is ALWAYS there for us, will never fall apart, and wants us to always depend on Him. Jesus wants us to remember that God will always be there for us, no matter what.
  • "God is So Big" – PoPKids Praise Song Music Video based on Luke 12:6-7  (10.31.21, 11.7.21 & 11.28.21– In Luke Chapter 12 verse 6, Jesus talks about the worth of sparrows (very small birds) and that "not one of them is forgotten or uncared for in the presence of God." God is so big, and yet he cares for even these little birds. Jesus is trying to tell us how big God is and how much he cares for ALL OF US! God is so big and so powerful that he takes care of everything he has created -- from the small birds to the whole Eath. THAT'S how BIG God is. In the music video, we see PoP Puppet Ambassador of Faith, Moses, exploring the world around him and noticing the many ways that God is so big.
  • "An Apron, a Broom and a Racquet..." – Mark 10:35-45  (10.17.21) – Jesus wants us to remember the importance of serving others, not being served. There are so many ways that we can do that. How will you serve?
  • "Money Won't Earn Your Way into Heaven" – Mark 10:17-31  (10.10.21) – This week, Miss Brigetta and Moses learn that your wealth and status will not get you into Heaven. That's about as easy as sticking a camel through the eye of a needle! What you need is a changed heart, and God will make the impossible, possible!
  • "Kids are the Best!" – Mark 10:14-15  (10.3.21) – This week, Miss Brigetta and Moses talk about what grown-ups can learn from children when it comes to FAITH! 
  • "Pass the Salt, Please" – Mark 9:38-50  (9.26.21) – Just as He is the salt in our lives, Jesus also asks us to be the salt in the world--to try and make the world a better place.
  • "God Made Everything" – PoPKids Praise Song Music Video based on Mark 4:26-34  (9.19.21 & 10.24.21) – Jesus talks about how we can compare the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed -- a seed that starts out very small, but when planted and cared for, can grow into something huge. Jesus' ministry started out very small, with just 12 disciples, but there are now Christians all over the world. That is a lot of growing of faith! When someone accepts Jesus and His gift of Salvation, their tidy seed of faith is planted in their hearts. Just like a plant grows when it has water, soil and sunlight, we grow our faith in God when we worship, pray, and read and talk about the stories of the Bible. When we do those things, we are filled with God's love, light and life. We can then go out and share all about Jesus and God's amazing love with others, helping to grow the Kingdom of God, one tiny seed at a time.
  • "Fingers to Heaven" – PoPKids Praise Song Music Video based on Psalm 149  (9.12.21– There are so many ways that we can praise God. When we are praising God, we are showing God just how thankful we are for all that He does for us.