ChristCare Small Group Ministry
The Aim of our ChristCare Small Group Ministry at Prince of Peace is to provide an environment ... more

Adult Education Team

The mission of the Adult Education program is to provide experiences in Christian Education for all ages of the Prince of Peace membership and friends.

Primary Objective: To increase our understanding of the Christian faith, to grow spiritually, and to experience the development of our faith.  This means that the programs presented offer our congregation the opportunities to learn, to interact, and to be involved in helping others understand the teachings offered in the various forums.


Our Vision: To provide our members with valuable biblical education on the workings of God and to give them the knowledge and understanding to spread—directly or indirectly—those biblical teachings to others.

· Prepare, connect, and equip the members of the congregation regarding the biblical basis of our faith and spirituality, the understanding of how it works, and the sustenance of our faith as we worship and live our everyday lives. 
 · Build support systems: Small group ministries, special faith directed study groups, inclusion of ecumenical and other outside resources, Adult Education forums, and church-wide discussion sessions.