Long Range Planning Ministry

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Under direction of the Church Council:

Coordinate the process of developing and documenting Prince of Peace’s mission and vision statements.
  • Communicates the mission and vision to the congregation.
  • Develop long-range plans that address the future staff, program, and facility needs of the congregation.
  • Explores new ventures and opportunities for growth.
  • Coordinate periodic leadership forums designed to bring all ministries, teams, and task forces together to facilitate communication between the leaders, help set short-term directions for the congregation, and coordinate schedules.
Ministry Team Member Time Commitment:
  • Two-year term.
  • Monthly meetings, typically 2 hours or less.
  • Some project work and extra time required to plan and participate in leadership or visioning events. These have occurred 2-3 times per year, and are typically held on Saturday mornings.

Ministry Team Member Skills:

  • No special training required.
  • It’s helpful to have the ability to think strategically, to envision challenges (and potential solutions), and to identify opportunities for long-term congregational growth.