PoP Family Camping Weekend & PoP Camp at Calumet 2022 Recap

The All-Congregational PoP Camp at Calumet 2022: THE FAMILY REUNION took place on Saturday, June 25 at Calumet County Park, and we’re calling it a success!
Although the weather decided not to cooperate the entire time, we were able to enjoy the majority of the afternoon outdoors, making the most of the situation. Participants enjoyed a variety of crafts and activities, several which surrounded our theme of “A Family Reunion,” such as contributing to a PoP Family Tree, as well as making their own family trees. The scavenger hunt and word scramble were big hits, too, by young and not-so-young alike!Once the drizzle turned into some bigger drops and the winds became gustier, the mid-afternoon worship service was relocated indoors to a nearby shelter for the safety of all. Pastor Roger led the service, with the help of Erik on mandolin and Ada’s singing voice for the music, as well as children volunteers with some liturgical readings. It was wonderful to see our youth’s involvement in worship!

Due to the wet grounds and continued rain following the service, we were, unfortunately, unable to take part in the service project of picking the invasive species of Garlic Mustard. Perhaps we can get a crew out there again soon to help out! Attendees gathered in fellowship under tents and awnings, awaiting in hope for the sun to come out and dry up all the rain.
Once the rains quickly subsided, a campfire was made for the Pudgy Pie Bar dinner! A variety of pies were created, including ham & cheese, pizza, taco and interesting combinations of all the aforementioned. Pie fillings and s’mores ingredients were available for some delicious pudgy pies to be enjoyed for dessert – the kids and adults alike got creative with those, too, such as strawberries and “cream” (marshmallow) pies – YUM!! Folks stuck around for games, fellowship and s’mores around the campfire into the evening.
Despite the rain (as Ada put it, “The rain made it an adventure!!”), it was a wonderful day of fellowship and tons of fun with our PoP Family at the PoP Camp at Calumet 2022 Family Reunion! Please enjoy some delightful pictures from the afternoon, taken by PoP staff and members, as well as from several members who participated in the Family Camping Weekend.

Thank you to those who came out and helped to create some new memories with your PoP Family! It was a wonderful time of crafts, games, delicious food, worship, fellowship and FUN! We can’t wait to see you, and so many more PoP family members, there next year!

PoP Camp at Calumet 2021 Recap

That's a wrap! The all-congregational PoP Camp at Calumet County Park 2021 event was held on Saturday, June 19. Once the rain clouds cleared (and those who were camping had a chance to dry out), we enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine and fellowship. We painted rocks and made marble magnets and leaf creatures. The kids’ favorite activities were the giant bubbles and the giant inflatable soccer ball.

Midway through the afternoon, a group of us met up with some other volunteers to pick Garlic Mustard (an invasive plant) for an hour. There was a lot to pick, but we were satisfied with the sizable dent we made!

We ended the afternoon with a worship service under the shade trees, led by Pastor Roger and Erik Larson.

It was a wonderful day of reconnecting with our PoP family! Please enjoy some pictures from the beautiful day. (Photos taken by Dean Buffington, Erik Larson and Pastor Roger).


PoP Camp at Calumet
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