Equipping Ministry

Mission:  To assist the members of Prince of Peace to discover, develop and use their God-given gifts to build up the Body of Christ.
Vision:  That members and visitors of Prince of Peace are empowered to demonstrate care for each other as they “build up the Body of Christ” by sharing their gifts and talents at Prince of Peace, in their homes, in their communities, and at their workplaces.
Equipping Ministry: Throughout the year we have strived to help members of our congregation connect faith in daily life. Our endeavors have also focused on encouraging our members to realize how God has richly blessed us with many gifts and talents – and how in turn we can give back by sharing these gifts and talents at Prince of Peace, in our homes, in our communities, and at work. 
Team Responsibilities:
  • To encourage a congregation-wide awareness that the discovery of Spiritual Gifts is an exciting adventure that combines prayer, bible study, fellowship with other members, and is an exercise of faith to act on this discovery.   
  • To present opportunities for members of Prince of Peace to take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory and further establish a data base of Spiritual Gifts available for service in our congregation and the community.
  • To develop opportunities for members to connect their faith on a “Sunday to Monday” basis.
  • To provide opportunities for members to care for each other in time of joy and areas of need.
  • To encourage the importance of Spiritual Disciplines (prayer, bible study, worship, etc.) in daily life.
Some of the activities and outreach of the Equipping Ministry during the year:
  • Prayer and Praise weekly bulletin quotes
  • Monthly Ministry devotions emphasizing Faith in Daily Life
  • Spiritual Gifts emphasis:
  • Offered opportunities between services for taking the Spiritual Gifts Inventory – also given in New Member classes Spiritual Gifts Sunday Worship
  • Info in monthly newsletters and weekly announcements to educate congregation regarding Spiritual Gifts
  • Spiritual Gift of the month info on the bulletin board by building entrances Handouts – bookmarks, cross stickers, etc.
  • Completed Guide Book/Church Directory.  In addition to member contact info, the directory offers information about Prince of Peace, ministries, Spiritual Gifts info, and more.
  • Offered Walk Thru the Bible seminar
  • Newsletter items connecting Sunday to Monday
  • Monthly “You Can Count on Me!” bulletin inserts highlighting short and long term volunteer opportunities at Prince of Peace and in the community