PoP Advocacy Team

The PoP ELCA Advocacy Team purposes are to:

1. Help PoP members grow in awareness of ELCA Advocacy Ministry.
“ELCA advocacy ministry speaks for biblical values: peacemaking, hospitality to strangers, care for creation, and concern for people living in poverty and struggling with hunger and disease.” www.download.elca.org/ELCA%20Resource%20Repository/2015%20ELCA%20Advocacy%20Priorities.pdf?_ga=1.255565320.187594867.1376877390

2. Support the efforts of ELCA Faith and Society by increasing member participation in:

ELCA e-Advocacy Network: www.elca.org/en/Our-Work/Publicly-Engaged-Church/Advocacy

Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin www.loppw.org/

The current ELCA social statement process

Interfaith advocacy groups, such as
      o ESTHER – Faith Communities United for Justice: www.esther-foxvalley.org/about
      o Bread for the World 
      o Wisconsin Council of Churches: www.wichurches.org/advocacy/

3. Provide opportunities to learn about & discuss important issues in a non-partisan, faith-informed way

4. Help PoP members grow in confidence and skills of using their citizen voices.

For more information, please connect with PoP contact: Nancy Jones.